Anne Lemons offers the following services to support client wellness

Anne Lemons’ philosophy involves balancing the three body systems: hormonal, digestive and detoxification, with a 3-tiered approach

A breakdown in one or more of these systems can create a cascade of events resulting in chronic health issues.  Through targeted lab testing and a detailed history we are able to assess how each system is working and design a personalized program to rebalance the body. 

We address your health concerns with a 3-tiered approach. Tier 1 is the foundation of any healing program and includes removing the obstacles that are impeding the body’s ability to heal.  We call this “clearing the muddy waters”, which means removing any inflammatory stressors in the diet or lifestyle before moving on to more complex treatments.  Tier 2 is about uncovering and addressing any deficiencies that may be causing dysfunction in the body with diet and targeted supplementation. Once we have removed obstacles and brought deficiency to sufficiency, we may then go deeper with tier 3 work. In tier 3, we utilize specialty functional testing to identify any remaining residual signs or symptoms.

The initial consult and follow-up visits are offered in “packages” in order to provide the best treatment outcomes in the shortest amount of time. We find that committing to several appointments shortly after the initial consult is optimal in order to gain traction and influence behavioral change vs. visits spaced too far apart. We are able to continue to build from this foundation to move forward with diet and lifestyle practices, which gives us the best possible results. 

The goal of the initial consultation is to shine a light on areas that may have previously been overlooked to help us uncover the root cause of your symptoms.  We dive deep into your history and develop a timeline of events. This helps us to make connections with what may have triggered your health issues, a key component in understanding how to move forward. We uncover how this is affecting different body systems and where you may need the most focus and support. There may be a few recommendations made at the initial consult time, however, the majority of your individualized treatment and action plan will be developed at the follow-up visit, approximately 1-2 weeks later. 

In each follow-up visit, approximately once a month depending on need, we re-assess how your plan is working, make new recommendations and track progress. Each session includes recommendations and strategies to support nutritional needs and education in the lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress management, exercise and building social connections.  

Fee Schedule

Discovery Call:

Free 15 minute call to answer questions and determine if working together is the right fit

Initial Consultation:

·       90-120 minute comprehensive case review, optimally in-person visit

·       Detailed review of your health history, current signs and symptoms

·       Review of any recent lab work from a functional perspective

·       A copy of your individualized functional nutrition matrix, which outlines signs and symptoms organized by body systems for you to share with your providers

·       Access to an online, individualized, supplement dispensary. 


Follow-up visits:

·       45”-1 hour in person or virtual appointment

·       Review of progress utilizing different tools such as food journaling, blood sugar monitoring and/or lab tracking. 

·       An individualized action plan including dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations along with supporting materials as needed

·       Recommendations for supplementation in your personalized online dispensary

·       Between appointment email availability for support and answering brief questions 

·       Recommendations for functional lab testing as appropriate

·       Interpretation of functional lab testing ($225.00 value)



Initial Consult Package- includes initial consult + 3 follow-up visits to be completed within 3 months, for $695.00 

Initial consult package fee schedule:  

Deposit before 1’st visit - $250.00

After initial consult, 2 monthly installments of $ 225.50 

Follow-up visit packages- 3 visits within 3 months for $405.00 ($450.00 value)


Single visits- $150.00

Payment is due at time of consultation. I currently accept cash, check payable to Anne Lemons, LLC or credit card (MC, VISA, Discover, AmEx).

Client Consultations

1.Contact Anne Lemons at 508-561-6050 or by email annelemonspt@gmail.com for an appointment.

2.Complete new patient intake, policies and procedures, and payment authorization form (Download in the section below) and return to me.

3.New Patient Paperwork must be received at least 48 hours prior to initial consultation. It may be emailed to annelemonspt@gmail.com or mailed to: Anne Lemons, LLC, 16 River Bend Rd, Upton, MA 01568. If emailing, you may send your paperwork encrypted by using www.sendthisfile.com (it’s free). 

New Patient Paperwork Downloads

In order to use fillable online PDF, it requires the latest version of Adobe Reader XI (free).

  1. New Patient Intake Form: http://bit.ly/2BGV7GZ

  2. Policies and Procedures Form: https://bit.ly/2ChHcqH

  3. Payment Authorization Form:http://bit.ly/2AbpK7g

  4. Lab Test Fee Schedule: http://bit.ly/2ianRNG

  5. Food Elimination Challenge: http://bit.ly/2juuIn8