When I first met with Anne almost a year ago I had been diagnosed with PCOS a few months prior. I had not been menstruating for at least a few years. The diagnosis sent me into a downward spiral and I became somewhat depressed.  I had a lot of frustration regarding my weight, which only seemed to go upward despite all my efforts, and I constantly dealt with IBS symptoms, poor digestion, as well as feeling exhausted every day when 3pm rolled around.  Anne tailored a plan for me to get my body back on track and functioning where it should be by changing my diet, adding supplementation, and stress coping techniques. Today I am happier, I have no IBS symptoms or PCOS symptoms, and I have had a period for the past 9 months! Not to mention my energy is 10 times better than it used to be. If it weren't for Anne I don't think I would be where I am today in my health journey. She genuinely cares and wants to help you get better. Working with her keeps me motivated to continue this new healthier, happier lifestyle.

~ Lindsey H.



When I first met Anne, I was a mess.  Years of treating my body poorly left me feeling tired and weak which was having a negative impact on my work and my overall quality of life.  Almost a year later now I can say I feel healthy again, and it is 110% due to the help and guidance that Anne has given me over that period of time.  Anne was able to take her extensive amount of knowledge and use it to create a clear plan that was just for me.  She kept me motivated and I could tell that she genuinely cared about my success.  I look forward to working with Anne in the future and continuing my self- improvement!!

– Evan H









Lifestyle Change

When I first began working with Anne I had a slew of gut and digestive issues, I was constantly bloated, my stress was at an all time high, and I felt like I was a roller coaster of emotions unable to stop the ride. I had tried everything under the sun to get to the bottom of what was causing me so much pain and, after many doctor visits, was ready to give up. However, I knew that something was going on that the doctors were unable to detect, and I had a strong feeling that a functional medicine practitioner would be able to help. I met Anne at a talk in NYC and knew that she was the person for me. Her positive energy that exudes happiness and excitement, her maternal instinct to comfort and care for those around her, and her in depth knowledge on a broad range of topics blew me away. I often call Anne my "ray of sunshine", because she is just that! During our first session we discussed the history of my health and, within that first hour, she was able to piece together moments of my life and draw conclusions of causes that none of my doctors had been able to recognize. After that, we embarked on a journey together to heal my stomach and I am so incredibly grateful to say that we are approaching the finish line. She has helped me do the unthinkable and I could not be more grateful for her work and assistance. I recommend her to everyone and anyone!

~ Cameron L. @freckledfoodie


I was getting stomach pains, constipation and vaginal yeast infections almost every month for a few years. For the yeast infection I saw my gynecologist and specialists but was only given an antifungal medication fluconazole (Diflucan). It treats the side effects of yeast (itching and burning) but doesn't cure the problem at the root. My doctors told me that they didn’t know the reason for me getting this awful monthly yeast. I was very lucky to have known Anne, and we started working together. Anne is very attentive, personal, and professional. I love Anne's approach. Anne explains everything so well. She is very detailed and helped me to understand what and why things were happening. She designed a customized plan for me, checked on me regularly, and was never pushy at all. I was always given great advice.  Anne created a life style change for me. It’s not a diet, it's my life :-) I feel great now, no yeast, no constipation, and no stomach pains. Thank you Anne!

I highly recommend Anne Lemons to everyone. She is an awesome person and a very talented professional.

– Irina F


When I first came to Anne I was having issues with stomach bloating and my skin reacted to things I would eat and I could never figure it out.  It was driving me crazy!!!  Over the past twelve years, I would get up on average 4-5 times per night to go to the bathroom and I wouldn’t get a restful night sleep.  I am so grateful that I met Anne!!!  My skin glows now, my stomach is flat, I feel my body looks fit and lean, and I only get up once per night.  I even got a compliment from someone recently that I look like I’m in my twenties (and I’m in my forties).  Anne is so knowledgeable in what she does.  I would highly recommend booking an appointment to meet with her.  It changed my life!

– Vera