My Mission: To be a facilitator and partner in healing for achieving optimal wellness.

Anne Lemons is a Functional Medicine consultant certified in the standard and advanced Kalish Method.  She is also a licensed Physical Therapist for over 30 years, working with patients to uncover the root cause of their pain and dysfunction.  She is a certified game coach, and worked for many years as a consultant with a health and wellness company learning and lecturing about the long term health effects of chemicals in personal care products.  Functional medicine has provided her the platform to use this multi-disciplined knowledge to treat chronic issues and disease.  Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that our behavior and ultimate potential is dependent on good health and a balanced chemistry.  By testing and correcting underlying systems, energy and balance to accomplish our unique life missions can be achieved.    

The Kalish method works by addressing the “Big Five” chronic health problems: weight gain, fatigue, depression, digestive issues and female health problems.  This method is predicated on a systems approach he developed from over 24 years successfully working with over 8,000 patients.  Specific labs along with a detailed patient history are used to address body systems (neuro/endocrine, digestive and liver/detox) and root problems.  Based on these findings, a treatment plan is developed focused on natural therapies and lifestyle changes such as diet, sleep, stress management and exercise.  

Currently Anne Lemons continues to attend a weekly mentorship program on the interpretation and use of the Organic Acids Test in developing treatment plans.  The Organic Acids Test can help detect stress and imbalance in certain systems that a patient may or may not be aware off.  It has been her experience that the Organic Acids Test is an important tool for both treatment and prevention of chronic disease.  Her stress management tools include instruction in Heart Math techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety by bringing the heart, nervous system and hormonal systems into balance.